78-Year-Old Missouri Woman Arrested for Third Bank Robbery, Reports Say

HandcuffsInternationalIndiaAfricaAn elderly Missouri woman with two past bank robbery convictions was arrested by police for pulling off a third heist.On April 5, police officers stopped 78-year-old Bonnie Gooch near Goppert Financial Bank in Pleasant Hill after her vehicle was reported to have been involved in a bank robbery, according to media reports.“Obviously it was a tense situation,” Pleasant Hill Police Chief Thomas Wright said as quoted by media. “But when the hands of an elderly woman come out of the car and that is who is driving the suspect vehicle, it’s a little shocking.”Local authorities confirmed that Bonnie had already committed two previous bank heists in 2020 and 1977.In the most recent case, Cass County court documents stated that the robbery note demanded “13,000 small bills” with an apology at the end reading “thank you sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”Meanwhile, the county prosecutor charged her with robbery, setting bail at $25,000.


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