European Auction Car service (Euauservice): a way to buy the best car from Europe

Buying a car in some European countries has become a habitual and accessible thing for people. At the same time, according to many criteria, buying a car in Europe is much more profitable than in the domestic market. The ability to search and buy used cars with delivery in the UAE has become possible thanks to car auction

Benefits of importing cars from Europe

The topic of importing cars from near and far abroad is not new for the Arab market, so they are actively interested in this topic and are well versed in many issues. And yet it would be useful to once again recall the benefits of buying a car at European auctions.

Advantages of importing a car from EU countries:

Price. At auctions in Europe, we see a lower price tag for used cars compared to similar cars in the local market.
Good condition. Car care, service quality, fuel and road quality in European countries are much better than in many other countries, and these are fundamental factors affecting the condition of the technical components of a car.
Exclusive set. It is no secret that the equipment, build quality, interior equipment and other characteristics of cars produced for the EU countries differ from the features of the same models sold in local car dealerships. This is one of the reasons why, even with the right amount, our motorists prefer to buy a used car in Europe rather than a brand new one in the UAE.
Reliability of the history and data on the technical condition of the machine in the lot questionnaire. Companies and organizations trade mainly at auctions, so the risk of running into scammers is low.
Ease of searching and making a deal. Despite the remoteness of the object of purchase from the seller, auctions offer a simple and understandable search algorithm for the given parameters, which allows you to limit the search based on your budget and wishes.
Well, the main reason why it is profitable to buy a car in Europe is the unfavorable conditions for buying a car in the UAE itself. In European countries, you can find a car in excellent condition with a long working resource that will not require unplanned costs for repairing the chassis in a short time.

But all these benefits can be enhanced with the help of European Auction Car Service. They will do all the work for you and with excellent service. Let’s see how it’s done.

What cars are offered to buyers at Euauservice?

What is the exclusivity of the offer? The company sells not only used cars in Europe, but also cars that do not belong to ordinary drivers. This is a vehicle that has been tested on test drives in car dealerships and under the supervision of dealer representatives, vehicles that have participated in various marketing campaigns. In addition, the company’s catalog contains cars purchased from legal entities and leasing companies.

How do these cars differ from their counterparts in the secondary market? Firstly, the cost, which is usually 30-40% lower. Agree, the difference is significant, and the cars themselves may differ from their counterparts from private individuals for the better, both in terms of their appearance and technical condition.

More information about what cars are currently in the company’s catalog can be found in the Telegram channel or on the company’s Youtube channel. There, as well as reviews will help you make the right choice of a potential transaction object.

Stages of cooperation with new clients:

– The client chooses a car, brand, model, age and equipment that seem optimal to him and fit into his personal budget. The company’s catalog is constantly updated, but the focus is on premium cars, executive sedans, supercars, premium SUVs, top cars and so on.

– The next step is to confirm the presence of the car of interest with the company’s consultant on social networks, as well as ask any questions you are interested in about specific cars from the catalog.

– Then the conditions for receiving money for the car are discussed.

– There are options with installments, in most cases the client makes an advance payment, and the rest of the funds are paid upon the fact of sending the car from the port.

The company’s specialists undertake the preparation of the necessary documents for the passage of the car through customs. The buyer gets the opportunity to track the delivery of his car. After the purchase is delivered to the customer, the consultants also assist with the local registration of the vehicle.

Below you can find the official contacts of the European Auction Car Service:



📲Director :


🔹Website➡️: http://سياراتمنالمزادات.شبكة/en

🔹Telegram Bot🤖👉 @l_ll_l_ll_bot

🔹Telegram Channel➡️:




🔹Telephone: +359 88 504 8519 +359 88 538 0057

Address: The companies are located in Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries on request.

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