Fractured Ukraine Poisoned by Depleted Uranium ‘Win’ Scenario for Pentagon, Says Ex-DoD Official

Ukrainian servicemen fire with a D-30 howitzer at Russian positions near Artemovsk, eastern Ukraine, on March 21, 2023InternationalIndiaAfricaHouse Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul’s hearing on “Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability of Ukraine Assistance” is aimed at exposing the Biden family and additional corruption among Dems to weaken the Democrats in 2024, retired Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, a former analyst for the US Department of Defense, told Sputnik.On March 29, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul gave remarks at a full committee hearing on Ukraine oversight and accountability, stressing that American taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going. At the same time, he emphasized that he does not conduct this oversight to undermine or question the importance of military aid for Ukraine, but to “incentivize the administration and Ukraine to use funds from Congress with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness.” So far, the US has provided over $110 billion to the Kiev regime.

"I think the GOP had been promising hearings like this since before the November election, so after the Republicans gained a slim majority in the House, it was expected," Karen Kwiatkowski said. "Congressman McCaul, an anti-Russia hawk and Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has been talking about this himself since last year – but always in the context of more weapons for Ukraine. McCaul sees oversight as necessary to justify to the American people continuing support for the Ukrainian military (…) Given the Pentagon has never to date successfully completed an audit itself, and has no idea where US weapons are in US territory, or how the money flowed in any given period does not bode well for trying to find out what the Ukrainians are doing with materiel, cash and weapons the Pentagon dumped there in reactionary haste over the past 18 months."

AnalysisChris Busby: Europe May Face Cancer, Birth Defects Akin to Fallujah if Kiev Uses Depleted Uranium28 March, 09:00 GMTAccording to Kwiatkowski, the rationale behind McCaul’s hearings is to deal a blow to Team Biden and the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 presidential election. It’s no secret to anyone in Congress that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe, however most US lawmakers don’t want to stop aiding Kiev as it would reduce the billions of dollars going into the Pentagon and into the Defense sector, according to the former DoD analyst. She stressed that Congress as a whole protects the federal redistribution of tax dollars and debt to their important donors.

"Even if Ukraine ends up fractured, under a US-selected military commander, permanently polluted with mines and depleted uranium dust, with a collapsed infrastructure and half of its prior population – even then, Ukraine can still be seen as an American forward base in the coming decade. It cannot be spoken – but that is the 'win' scenario for the Pentagon and US defense contractors, and it is quite achievable – and creative politicians and strategists will claim that this "successful outcome" was created for them by Russia's SMO," Kwiatkowski noted.

AnalysisUS and EU Can’t Afford NATO’s Long Proxy War Against Russia in Ukraine23 March, 17:35 GMTMeanwhile, the US mainstream press is lamenting the fact that the support for funding and arming Ukraine is fading among the American public. According to recent polls, the share of those who believe that the United States allocates too much money to Kiev has grown. Commenting on that, Kwiatkowski stressed that one should bear in mind that American opinions – on topics like this where they largely depend on domestic reporting and political statements – “are largely pre-packaged” for them by the American corporate media and nearly all TV news.”The recent reporting reflects the facts on the ground that the US military and politicians do actually know, but do not talk about. As we increasingly see admitted by the Secretary of State and others, Ukraine is not equipped or manned to even begin a counteroffensive anywhere in the Donbass, and they are not in any position to retake Crimea. As US weapons and intelligence support facilitate Ukrainian strikes into Russia properly, the risk to the US of a direct confrontation or being blamed for a deadly event is becoming unacceptably high. The apparent Western media spiking of the Black Sea drone intercept story, as with the Nord Stream destruction last year, are examples of this – the US government and Americans in general are not ready or willing to fight Russia,” Kwiatkowski concluded.


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