‘Mostly Harmless’: Californians Mystified as Alien Creatures Appear Along US Coast

A surfer strolls into the waves at Cardiff State Beach in Encinitas, Calif.InternationalIndiaAfricaStrange, deep-blue tinted creatures have made landfall across California. But don’t panic — humans face little potential danger from the polyps.Beach-goers in Southern California were shocked to discover some out-of-this-world visitors Friday when hundreds of “by-the-wind sailors,” creatures which resemble jellyfish and are characterized by their astonishing blue colors, appeared on beaches near Orange County.As one California publication explained, “the creatures’ scientific name is Velella velellas, and they are distinguished by their ‘sails’ on top, which look like a clear mohawk.”“Though by-the-wind sailors look like jellyfish because of their gelatinous nature, they are not, and they don’t have the sting associated with jellies, though their tentacles on the bottom can irritate the skin,” the author explained.The otherworldly specimens have reportedly been spotted making landfall as far as Huntington Beach, California, and South Bay to the north – but they’re also likely to make an appearance elsewhere, according to local experts.