Russia to Respond Appropriately to Deployment of US Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Kremlin viewInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia will respond accordingly to the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday. “It does cause concern,” Peskov said, commenting on whether the fact of the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe causes concern in the Kremlin, adding that Russia will respond appropriately.MultimediaUS Nukes in Europe: Where are They Stationed?27 March, 19:21 GMTSpeaking about the behavior of countries surrounding Belarus, Peskov said it is unpredictable and hostile, so Russia can not stay silent.”Belarus, just like us, is surrounded by countries that are very hostile. Since we are a union state, naturally, Russia cannot leave Belarus alone. The actions of the neighbors are very, very unpredictable, unfriendly, so precautionary measures are definitely needed here,” Peskov told reporters.The Kremlin’s spokesman also noted that Russia and Belarus will continue working on the creation of a union state.”The prime ministers of the two countries said [at the Union State’s Supreme State Council] that they really achieved excellent results over the past year, and this work will continue. That was the main thing,” Peskov noted.Peskov added that Moscow and Minsk will update their approaches to security guarantees due to the development of the situation in the world.”As the international security situation has changed we must update our conceptual approaches. And Russia, of course, should consider the possibility of providing security guarantees for Belarus as its ally and as a country with which we are in the most advanced form of integration,” Peskov said.


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