Russian Exporters May Apply for Zero-Rated VAT if They Use Overseas Stocks

 / Go to the mediabankStand of JSC “Russian Export Center” (REC) at the international industrial exhibition “INNOPROM-2019” in Yekaterinburg / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaRussian entrepreneurs selling in retail using overseas stocks, in particular online trading, will get an opportunity to apply for zero-rated VAT. The State Duma adopted the corresponding law on April 19.“The Russian Export Center took part in the formation and promotion of these amendments. In accordance with the legislation, now an exporter could apply for zero-rated VAT only if he sends goods to an overseas customer with the Russian Post”, the REC says.The Law on Amendments to the Tax Code will take effect on January 1, 2025.The report added that among exporters there is a popular scheme of shipping goods out of Russia, storing them overseas, and then selling to a customer in retail. In particular, it is subject to exporters who sell goods on international marketplaces.In this case, it is impossible to apply for zero-rated VAT, the REC explained. With the amendments to the Tax Code, export incentives will become available if that is the case. This would allow an entrepreneur to make their goods more internationally competitive.RussiaREC: Businesses Will Get Additional Credit Reinsurance Opportunities in Russia12 April, 13:22 GMTAn entrepreneur will need to provide tax authorities with an electronic register containing all the necessary data for tax control. Only then can they apply for zero-rated VAT. This data includes a bill of entry, which is used to export goods from Russia in accordance with customs procedures, an invoice document, shipping address of goods delivered to a customer, and a stock lease agreement.


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