Russian Researchers Discover Bacteria Able to Decompose Oil

Нефть от разлива покрывает берег на пляже Каверо в Вентанилья, Кальяо, ПеруInternationalIndiaAfricaVLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Sputnik) – Russian researchers have discovered cold-resistant decomposer bacteria in the Sea of Japan that are able to “consume” oil, which could help create a biological product for the purification of water from oil, the Russian Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) said on Monday. “During large-scale research, scientists of the FEFU Institute of the World Ocean have discovered … in the Sea of Japan … bacteria that for the first time ever have demonstrated ability for oil decomposition… Apart from studying species diversity of hydrocarbon-oxidating microorganism, scientists have conducted research and discovered the bacteria’s high ability to destroy different oil compounds at low temperatures,” the university said in a press release. The researchers have managed to identify the ability to decompose oil in 12 species of bacteria, including Idiomarina maritima, Gracilibacillus massiliensis, Lechevaleria flavaand Jeotgalibacillus marinus, according to the press release. Decoding the genome of the bacteria would help better understand the work of genes and enzymes involved in the decomposition of oil in the seas in Russia’s Far East, the university added. The results of the research will allow scientists develop more effective tools to monitor oil pollution in seas and clean them.


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