Seoul to Announce Supply of Lethal Weapons to Ukraine Soon Due to US Pressure

Soldiers of the South Korean Army’s Special Forces demonstrate their martial art skills during Naktong River Battle re-enactment in Waegwan, South Korea, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016InternationalIndiaAfricaSeoul exploits Ukrainian fake news regarding the Russian special military operation in order to find a pretext to aid Kiev, argued Sirector of the South Korean Institute of Eurasian Strategic Studies and former Minister at the Korean Embassy in Moscow Byong Hwan.According to Byong Hwan, South Korean policy on arms supplies to Ukraine has de facto changed and we will see Korean weapons shipped to Ukraine after Yoon Suk-yeol upcoming visit to the US. His comments come as the discussion about the possible approval of supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine “if there is a situation the international community cannot condone,” has flared up again in the media against the backdrop of statements by the South Korean president. Byong Hwan noted that if Russia wants to prevent this change, it needs ed to stop Ukrainian provocations, like falsely attributing their own murders to the actions of Russian military.

“Therefore, it is possible that more clear and advanced changes will be announced during the upcoming visit of the president to the United States, or shortly after his return. Gradually, under pressure from the US, this turn will be rationalized more and more for the domestic audience. And this is very sad news," Byong Hwan said.

Byong Hwan noted that the accusations of “war crimes” and “bombardments of civilian infractructure” made by the Ukrainian regime against Russia are serving as an excuse for Seoul to change its policy, and then explain this sudden shift to the domestic audience. In reality, however, the decision to send weapons to Kiev is a result of the constant US pressure on South Korean authorities – since Washington wants them to join the US camp on the issue, the expert said.

“If, as previously reported, North Korean military personnel may go to Donbass to help Russia, this could also become an excuse (for supplying weapons to Kiev). Because this will be a convenient reason for President Yun's administration to explain military aid to Ukraine, stating that since Russia and North Korea behave this way, there can be no objections to our support from the United States," expert added.

MilitarySouth Korea to Supply US With 500,000 Artillery Shells ‘On Loan’, Reports Say12 April, 07:18 GMT


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