Voluntary Jacka**ery

Voluntary Jacka**ery
InternationalIndiaAfricaOutrage has mounted after a group of Texas educators banded together to suggest to the Texas State Board of Education that chattel enslavement in America should be taught as “involuntary relocation” during second grade social studies course work. A working group of nine educators has been directed by the Texas Board of Education to reexamine the language and phrasing used in its submission for curriculum changes. The decision came following a unanimous vote.“For K-2, carefully examine the language used to describe events, specifically the term ‘involuntary relocation,’” advised the board.Texas Board Rejects Bid to Call Slavery ‘Involuntary Relocation’ in Elementary School Lessons1 July 2022, 03:06 GMT“I can’t say what their intention was, but that’s not going to be acceptable,” said Aicha Davis, a Democrat representing Dallas-Fort Worth who argued that the wording did not convey a “fair representation” of the Atlantic slave trade and continued enslavement of African descendants.


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